Split System Installation

Split systems installed anywhere throughout Brisbane

Trust the best in the business at Aircon Advisory, with thousands of split systems installed right across Brisbane, we have the expertise required to help you cool your home or business quickly and easily.

Split system air conditioning is often the ideal solution to heat or cool a room in a power-efficient manner that saves you money as electricity bills rise. Utilising DC inverter technology, a split system installed in your home or office can automatically regulate the temperature of a room, giving you precise climate control options for any space.

We stock and fit a comprehensive range of split system products, giving you the freedom to choose a brand you trust and a unit that’s fitted to your needs. For split systems installed quickly and affordably, contact Brisbane’s best at Aircon Advisory.

Split System Installation

Our split system installation process

We carefully consider factors such as room size and the floorplan of your structure before any split systems are installed on your premises. As every home or business is different, we pay attention to the specifics of your rooms before advising you on a product that we believe provides the most value for money.

For larger structures or homes and businesses with multiple storeys, we recommend speaking to our experts about whether or not your premises may need multiple split systems installed to effectively cool down more than one room.

Split system units function optimally within closed-off areas, that’s why it’s best to trust our technicians at Aircon Advisory to investigate how the layout and size of your home or business may affect the efficiency of your system.

Split systems installed within a home or business must be carefully placed to ensure that they can effectively regulate the temperature within a room. Windows, heat conductive building materials and open doors can seriously affect the ability of your split system to function efficiently.

We carefully consider these factors before advising you on the best place to have your split systems installed by our Aircon Advisory technicians. This aids in keeping your power bills down and increasing the lifespan of your air conditioning system, saving you money now and into the future.

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