Popular Air Conditioning Brands


The best brand

Just like in many other products, there are many brands offering air conditioning systems. Due to a large number of brands of air conditioners available, it has become increasingly difficult for people to choose the best brand.

However, with our wealth of experience in the industry, our experts at Air Conditioning Advisory Centre can help you make an easy decision when choosing a brand.

At Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, we have a reputation for working with only the best and most popular air conditioning brands as endeavor to offer our clients undisputable products and services.

Over the years, our existing relationships with these favourite air conditioning brands have ensured access to high-quality air conditioning units.

Here at Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, a few of the popular brands and their products we use in providing our impeccable services include:

  • Mitsubishi Electric;
  • Daikin;
  • Lennox;
  • Fujitsu;
  • Panasonic; and many more.


After considering the needs and preferences of each client, there are many other factors we consider when choosing air conditioning brands. These factors include functionality, ease of use, durability, overall customer satisfaction and noise levels. Considering these factors, we rate the air conditioner brands and select the best option for our client.

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Choosing the ideal

systems for you

Some man-made chemicals contribute to atmospheric pollution that destroys the ozone layer, causing climax change and warmer temperatures in the summertime. Many people find it hard to focus due to high temperatures and strive to stay cool at their workplace or home. An air conditioner is the only hope of relief; you need the right air conditioner from a reputable brand for maximum cooling.

There are different benefits associated with different air conditioning systems, whether it is central air conditioning systems, split air conditioners or window air conditioners. When it comes to energy saving, efficiency levels, aesthetics and optimum cooling level of comfort, we can help you decide which is the best option for your residential or commercial needs. If you need air conditioning with an optimised efficiency that causes no distraction whatsoever, you can rely on Air Conditioning Advisory Centre to cover all your air conditioning needs.  Air Conditioning Advisory Centre provides superior cooling solutions, products and services and after sales support designed to meet your cooling needs.

Let’s help you make the right decision to select the best products from the popular air conditioning brands. At Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, we have a proven record that confirms our ability to help you with the installation and maintenance of your air conditioning system.