Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

Trusted By Australians

When Australians need to start thinking about installing a new air conditioning system, Mitsubishi Electric is often one of the first brands that come to mind. The reason Mitsubishi Electric is trusted not only by Australia, but by people around the world, is primarily because of its commitment to producing products that are innovative, energy-efficient, and reliable.


Mitsubishi Electric has been producing for the industry since 1921 when it introduced its first electric fan to the Japanese market. 10 years later began the challenge of creating an air conditioner that was sophisticated enough to handle the various climate conditions of the country. Because it had to face these challenges from the very beginning, in 2021 Mitsubishi Electric has continued to produce innovative, long-lasting, and hard-wearing air conditioner designs that are able to withstand constant use in even the most punishing environments. What sets these products even further apart from competitors is the whisper-quiet technology and energy efficiency that ensures there is always minimal impact being made on the environment.

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Mitsubishi Electric Systems

Diverse Range

One great reason to chose Mitsubishi Electric is the wide range of systems and options that are available. There are systems suitable for virtually every interior situation whether it be for a business or for the home. The range can be separated into five different categories dependant on how and where they are installed; wall-mounted, multi-head split system, floor console, ceiling-mounted, and bulkhead. Each category has benefits that determine whether it is best used in a single room, in multiple rooms, or throughout an entire building.


Single Room

Mitsubishi Electric Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted reverse cycle split system air conditioners are some of the most frequently seen systems, particularly in older houses or where air conditioning is available only in select rooms. These systems are designed to effectively cool or heat a single room through to a larger open-plan living area and are individually controlled. These are the only systems that are available in different finishes; where white is standard, Mitsubishi Electric offers the attractive alternatives of ruby and piano black. These systems are also able to achieve near-silence: the Signature Series is able to go as low as 21dB while operating on its silent mode.

Mitsubishi Electric Floor Console Air Conditioners

Floor-mounted reverse cycle air conditioners are designed to be mounted to the wall at floor level so as to be as unobtrusive as possible and free up valuable wall space in smaller homes. These systems are compact and can be recessed into the wall, which reduces protrusion into the floor space by up to a third of the 215mm depth. On the lowest setting, these systems are capable of running at just 19dB, which makes them an ideal option for those who want to keep their space quiet and peaceful.

Mitsubishi Electric Ceiling-Mounted Cassette Air Conditioners

The compact ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioning system is the perfect option for those who have limited floor and wall space, or for those who just want a system that won't intrude into their space. These systems can fit into a space as small as a 2m2 ceiling panel, are incredibly quiet, and come with a 7-day programmable timer, meaning you can practically forget it's even there.


Mitsubishi Electric Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners

The multi-head split system range is the ideal option for cooling and heating multiple rooms at once. The multi-head system allows for up to eight units to connect to a single outdoor unit, which reduces the number of outdoor units needed and saves a massive amount of space. These outdoor units come with a 5-year guarantee and can be connected to any of the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems, including bulkhead, wall-mounted, cassette, and console.


Mitsubishi Electric Bulkhead/Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioning units sit in the bulkhead or above the ceiling in the roof so that the system can connect seamlessly between rooms or throughout an entire building or house. This system may offer a better experience for the consumer looking for a discrete cooling and heating option that doesn't take up any of the usable interior space. Ducted systems offer additional comfort with the use of inverter technology which allows for optimal temperature control and increased energy efficiency.

Smart Technology

Innovative Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is known for the innovative technology that makes it incredibly user-friendly, energy-efficient, and unbelievably quiet. Some of the features that help increase comfort, usability, and energy efficiency are; wifi connectivity, inverter technology, plasma quad filter systems, 3D i-see, whisper-quiet technology, and Catechin filters.

Wifi Connectivity

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners can be controlled by smartphone, tablet, or online account with the optional wifi control adapter. This adapter is able to control the heat/cool mode, temperature, and fan speeds. If you have a ducted system, with a zone controller you can also control individual zones. Another great feature that wifi connectivity offers is voice control. The systems are compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so all you need to do is speak and you'll have full control of the system.

Inverter Technology

Traditional air conditioners use a fixed-speed compressor which will cut on or off whenever the room drops below a certain temperature. This disrupts the comfort of the room by blasting hot or cold air to bring the room back to the desired temperature. Inverters differ from this by constantly running in the background and adjusting the compressor speed to provide more on-demand temperature control. Consistently running at a fraction of the start-up speed is far more energy-efficient than the stop and start process of a fixed-speed compressor.

Plasma Quad Filter Systems

The plasma quad filter systems work to purify the air by neutralising bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, and allergens, meaning the air that comes out of a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner is going to be far cleaner and healthier than the air that goes in.

3D i-see

The 3D i-see technology thermally scans the room temperature to detect cool and warm spots. It can determine if a space is occupied or empty by detecting heat signatures and can be customised to direct cool or warm air either toward or away from that heat signature - ensuring maximum personalized comfort. when the room is empty the unit will automatically adjust the temperature or switch to an energy-saving mode.

Silent Modes

Mitsubishi Electric offer air conditioners with some of the quietest operation in the industry. At as low as 19dB, the noise created by these systems is comparable to the rustling of leaves, or just louder than the sound of someone breathing.

Catechin Filters

Catechin filters differ from the plasma quad filter system in that they strip the air that passes through them of odor-causing pollutants like tobacco smoke and pet smells. Catechin also has antiviral and antibacterial properties which can help reduce the spread of some diseases.

Benefits of Mitsubishi

Electric air conditioning


Mitsubishi Electric is more efficient than traditional systems. Whether it is Room Air Conditioners, Package Air Conditioners, Variable Refrigerant Flow air conditioning systems or Air Curtains, Mitsubishi Electric is designed to provide energy-efficient performance and quiet operation without distortion making it a smart choice for anyone who needs personalised comfort. 

There are a variety of product ranges that can fit into different types of buildings and lifestyle. All Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are equipped for comfort and easy operation. Benefits include:

  • Improved System Efficiency - energy efficiency;
  • Convenient Operation - easy to use;
  • Customised Zone Controls - easy to adjust the temperature;
  • Extensive product range designed for a variety of air conditioning needs; and
  • Easy System Maintenance - easy to troubleshoot

Affordable Mitsubishi
Electric air conditioners in Brisbane

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