The iZone Air Conditioning Brand Turns Your AC into a Smart System

The smart system allows the user to adjust the airflow, air distribution, and temperature through a mobile app, so you can make your home comfortable even when you are away from it, ready for your return.



iZone offers complete control of its smart air conditioning system. You can set up to 14 zones within the home or commercial property. It is fully scalable enabling you to find the right one that fits your budget.

You control the smart AC system through an app. You can adjust the temperature anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

You can set up different cooling or heating conditions to suit the activities of your household. Rooms have the capabilities to be set at different temperatures or switched on or off when required.

Compatibility of the iZone Air Conditioning Brand

The best thing about iZone is that it works with existing and new air conditioning systems. You can easily incorporate iZone into your current ducted air conditioning unit, making it a good foundation for a smart home.

The smart controller has 13 built-in themes that allow you to customise it according to your interior design. There is a wide range of configurations and colours you can choose to personalise the controller design.

You can even opt not to install the controller and just use your tablet or smartphone to control the system.

Why Choose an iZone Air Conditioner

iZone makes your air conditioning system more efficient. Below are other benefits of using the smart AC system:

You don’t need to read the manual to learn how to operate the smart AC system. Simplicity at it’s best.

It uses fresh air system during cool nights. It turns off the compressor to allow fresh air inside your home.

You can schedule the air conditioner to turn off automatically.

The system can detect when there is nobody in a zone or room. It adjusts the temperature and/or can turns off the air conditioner unit.

As a company based in Australia, iZone understands the climate needs of its local customers. They also stand by their products and that’s why they offer 12months full warranty on all products. And that’s why we at Air Conditioning Advisory Centre are proud to offer iZone zoning systems to our customers.

A smart air conditioning system is a good way to start your home in becoming a smart home. After the installation of the AC system, you can also implement other iZone smart home solutions which include lighting, entertainment, security, and power. Any home can be made smart through iZone.

If you want to learn how to turn your existing system into a smart one, contact the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre today! We can provide you with more information about iZone and other products and services we have to offer.

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