Air Conditioning Systems


A Comfortable Environment

Air conditioning systems ensure that you and other occupants of your building can sit back, relax, and enjoy a comfortable environment on the hot summer days, as well as enjoy good indoor air quality. There are a variety of Brisbane AC systems available on the market. However, they all function in the same manner – taking out the heat in your building and replacing with cool ventilation.

When selecting an air conditioner system for your residential or commercial building, it is important that you choose the right type and size that will meet your needs adequately. Air Conditioning Advisory Center provides different types of high-quality air cons system, including split system, duct system, and commercial system for residential and commercial buildings in Brisbane. 

A/C Unit In A Living Room

Choosing the Right Type

of Air Conditioner

Choosing the right air conditioning system is not just about purchasing a big name brand, or making sure it’s of high quality. It is also important that you choose the right type of air con system for your building. Choosing the right type of system ensures that your building is cool even during the hottest summer days and can help you save on energy cost.

There are two main categories of air conditioning systems in Brisbane: the room coolers such as split and window systems, and centralized air conditioners, such as ducted and commercial system. The split AC system, which comprises of an indoor and outdoor unit is ideal for single rooms in a building. The ducted system and commercial systems, on the hand, are used for cooling larger area or an entire building.

Air Conditioning Advisory Center provides different types of air conditioners, including split systems, ducted systems, and commercial systems. If you are considering installing an air conditioner in your building, our expert technicians at Air Conditioning Advisory Center will explain the features and key details of each type of AC, and help you decide on the right type of air conditioning system that fit your needs perfectly.

Excellent Air Conditioning System Services

No matter the type of air conditioning system you choose to help you battle Brisbane’s hot weather, you need professionals to carry out services such as installation, repairs, and maintenance to ensure your AC works optimally.

Air Conditioning Advisory Centre delivers excellent air conditioning system services in Brisbane, including AC system installations, repairs, and preventative maintenance services.

Our expert technicians have years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining all types of air conditioning systems in Brisbane, including ducted system, split systems, and commercial systems. Contact us to carry out a thorough inspection of your building and unit, and provide you with affordable quotes that will fit your budget.