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An air condition condenser is the part of your air conditioning system which is known as the outdoor units. Both indoor and outdoor units work together for the air conditioner to function properly. Just like the indoor unit, the outdoor unit consists of some of the major components of the air conditioning system, and these components are usually more exposed to dust, debris, dirt, and pollens that may disrupt the functions of the system. That why you need a spacialist outdoor unit services from us at Air Conditioner Advisory Service.

If you do not take care of the outdoor unit of your system, your air conditioning system may become damaged and non-functional. This situation will not only make it difficult for you to enjoy your home, but it may call for total replacement of the system, which will cost you more money.

Nonetheless, you can avoid all these issues by making use of our outdoor unit services that maintains the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, saving you money, and making your living spaces safe and comfortable.

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If your cooling fan or condenser coils are clogged, expect a low performance of your unit. Whenever you need an outdoor unit service, do not work around electricity and avoid the DIY process, which could cause more damage to your unit system or cause yourself harm during the process.

Allow experts from Air Conditioning Advisory Centre to carefully inspect your condenser fins and remove any debris such as dust, spider webs, dead grass, dead leaves, nylon or cotton that can reduce the unit cooling performance. Our outdoor unit service is professionally done without bending or crushing your condenser fins, and we use electric motor oil to lubricate the fan motor to ensure the bearings function effectively.

The coils suffer many consistent blockages and contaminations due to water and dust; this can adversely affect the air quality and quantity circulated by your unit. Poor techniques can damage the coils and replacement can be costly. Air Conditioning Advisory Centre has proven techniques with the right equipment to clean your coils efficiently and achieve a positive result.

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Outdoor Unit Services

At Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, our outdoor unit services in Brisbane are offered by professionals who have been providing similar services for many years. They work with various clients to give the right services that have been customised based on the air conditioning problems.

Whether your air conditioning system is made by Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Daikin, Samsung, LG or any other manufacturers, we have qualified technicians who can take care of your air conditioner's outdoor unit. We offer outdoor unit services in Brisbane for anyone having issues with their air conditioning system.