Split System Installation


and straightforward

Split systems are an ideal solution to cool or heat just one room or area of your home or office. They utilise DC inverter technology, which means that they automatically regulate the power applied to the compressor to provide more precise climate control, low noise levels, elimination of temperature fluctuations all while using less energy.

Split type air conditioning systems consist of a variety of Indoor units such as Wall, Floor or Ceiling mounted units accompanied by an outdoor unit which can be fixed in a number of different positions including ground, roof, or wall mounted. The indoor units also suit Multi-Head split air conditioning systems, which consist of multiple Indoor units combined with one Outdoor unit, thus delivering a consistent appearance throughout the home or office when a multi split is combined with single split systems.

Their ability to customise the cooling level further endears them to many users. If you need a split system for your home or office, split system installation is easy and straightforward, ensuring you can start enjoying your air conditioning system without wasting time.

Why INstall

a split system?

Split systems are considered the most cost effective and straightforward air condition solution for single rooms. It is often an ideal option as it does not require much space. With modern technologies, split units are effectively and efficiently designed to fit into any limited area in your property.

Split systems are ideal for homes and small businesses. Air Conditioning Advisory Centre can assist you in making the right decisions based on your budget. Be comfortable and enjoy better air quality every day using split air conditioning systems.

split system installation

Our installers are highly equipped and informed of every unit’s specifications. When you contact us, we take into account all the details, your needs and assess your property to determine the right split air conditioning system for you.

There are several split cooling system options available and we offer fast and quality installation at affordable rates. Call today for split system installation services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We offer the most versatile cooling solutions you can trust.

At Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, our split system installation in Brisbane is available to one and all as we are ever-ready to help you handle all processes involved in giving everyone in your office or home the comfort they have always desired.

We can install any split system from any popular air conditioner manufacturer such as Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Daikin, Samsung, and LG. Call us now at Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, and our technicians will swiftly provide the service you need.

2015: They came (on time), they advised (intelligently) and they supplied and fitted (expertly). A very professional firm. Value for money too. 2017: Dave visited today and did an excellent job of cleaning and servicing our air con units.They all run like new. Professional and value-for-money. Will use this firm every time.

Dr Stephen Fox

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The team at The Home Air Conditioning Advisory Centre Brisbane, designed, installed and take care of all of our air conditioning and climate control. I would recommend these guys to anyone requiring an AC specialist.

Laurence Pharoah

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We had problems with the air conditioning in our medical practice. The Air Conditioning Advisory Centre worked with us to solve the problems that also came with potentially closing the surgery for the day. Thanks guys.

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