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When buying a new air conditioning system, it’s important to take the right first steps to ensure that your investment is worthwhile, that’s why we recommend calling our experts at Aircon Advisory for your next air con installation.

We provide effective and most importantly affordable aircon installation in Brisbane that’s always delivered with our friendly service and quality advice when and where you need it. With over 25 years of experience in the air con installation trade, we have the skills necessary to fit new units of all makes and models.

We’re locals, so we understand that air conditioning installation in Brisbane Northside is something that our clients depend on to keep their homes and businesses comfortable throughout the year.

Our team of hardworking technicians are always on hand to help with your next air con installation, just give us a call and see why we’re renowned by our customers as the team who provide the best air conditioning installation throughout Brisbane Northside.

Quality aircon installation in Brisbane

Throughout its life, your air conditioning system must perform in high temperatures 24 hours a day if necessary. That’s why it’s so important to seek out air con installation experts when you decide to fit a new system to cool your home or business. Correct installation can not only ensure the functionality of your new air con unit but also increase its efficiency and cut down on power costs associated with a poorly fitted unit that is unable to run properly.

Trust our highly qualified technicians at Aircon Advisory to install any make or model of aircon system, paying close attention to the specific requirements of your property to provide the best aircon installation in Brisbane every time.

As temperatures rise sharply throughout the hotter months of the year, it’s easy to see why the work of skilled specialists makes all the difference to effective air conditioning installation in Brisbane Northside. Don’t wait until summer arrives and you’re left wishing your old aircon could properly cool your home, contact our friendly team of air con installation specialists at Aircon Advisory today.

How we provide the best aircon installation in Brisbane

Every home or business is different, and while many air con installation companies would simply look for the easiest place to install a new unit, that’s not what we do at Aircon Advisory. Pending your approval, we’ll survey your property and outline where we believe your aircon unit would work most efficiently.

As a premium provider of air conditioning installation in Brisbane Northside, we understand that maintaining the façade of your home or business is important. While we may find a great place to install your aircon unit, if you aren’t happy with our recommendation, we aren’t either.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your system is out of sight and out of mind, providing the same comfortable conditions, while also being unobtrusive to your everyday life.

With power bills constantly on the rise, it’s important that aircon installation in Brisbane is conducted with consideration of various heat loads around your property. Your home or business may gain heat far more rapidly than you might expect. Windows, open doors and heat conductive structural materials can all cause your aircon unit to work harder than necessary to cool down even small rooms.

We’ll carefully note any potential hazards that may cause your aircon unit to perform sub-optimally, before advising you on how we can adapt your air con installation to provide better efficiency.

Cooling multistorey houses and businesses is a challenge we’re always ready to overcome as the preferred aircon installation team in Brisbane. We’ll carefully investigate the floorplan of your structure and how best we can provide cooling or heating to the upper and lower sections of the building.

We’ll then advise you on how we can effectively cool or heat these spaces and what the minimum number of units to effectively do the job will be.

Getting the most out of your aircon system means maximising the space that can be effectively cooled within your home or business. We account for passageways and sections of your home or business that are frequently closed off, to confirm that your air con installation provides the best possible coverage throughout.

This work ensures that your air con installation results in only as many individual aircon units as is necessary, cutting down on both the costs of installation, as well as your power bills now and into the future.

Affordable installations & our quality service guarantee

At Aircon Advisory, we owe the success of our operation to our varied and valued customers. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide the most affordable air conditioning installation in Brisbane Northside. Our air con installation provides an affordable way to beat the heat throughout the year, with a huge range of systems that can be easily fitted and installed to any home or business. We carefully adhere to your budget, to ensure that you get the most value for your money and a system that you can depend on to keep you cool.

All of our systems are backed by not only a five-year manufacturer’s warranty but also our own five-year air con installation guarantee. This ensures that should you experience any issues with your system, we’ll be at your door and ready to fix the issue in no time at all.

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Our team of friendly and professional technicians are always on call to provide air con installation whenever you may need it. Whether it’s replacing an old unit or fitting a completely new system, we’ll bring our best and show you why we’re renowned for providing the best aircon installation in Brisbane.