Air Conditioning for Schools

Offering students and teachers

a comfortable environment

Air conditioning for schools is important because for many people, learning has never been an easy activity as it requires lots concentration and dedication. So, offering students and teachers alike a comfortable environment to learn and teach can never be overlooked due.

To keep both students and teachers comfortable and attentive, installing air conditioning in schools is highly recommended.

Teachers and students of high schools, colleges, and universities have all been found to perform better when the temperatures of their classrooms and offices are low. The quality of the air in classes and offices improve students' focus which results in an overall improvement in their exam scores.

Create a comfortable

learning environment

Inadequate air conditioning can hamper learning process during summertime. The hot temperatures can affect the activities in the classroom as well as the performance of the students.

Air conditioning for schools is essential to provide a comfortable learning environment for students. Both students and teachers may struggle to teach effectively if the heat becomes intolerable, and are happier and more productive in a comfortable learning environment.

We offer balanced air conditioners that are gentle, cooling and quiet to avoid distraction in the class. No matter the size of the classrooms, our professional technicians take into consideration the shape of a classroom before placing the air conditioning unit in the optimum position that will ensure maximum airflow and avoid any unnecessary cold drafts.

We can help you tackle even the toughest of installations.
We have all it takes to provide air conditioning for schools in Brisbane and its surroundings. Get the best value for money possible when you hire us to handle your school air conditioning installation and repairs.

hire professional

Air Conditioning Advisory Centre have been assisting high schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions to design and install air conditioning in Brisbane.

Our services are tailor-made to make sure we do air conditioning for schools in Brisbane with significant consideration for the needs of the students and other individuals. We help you select high-quality air conditioners that are not only designed to serve schools most appropriately, but are also easy to use and maintain for a long time.

Whether you are constructing a school or it has been in existence for hundreds of years, we can help you design the right air conditioning system that will cater to all your needs. We value your business and encourage you to contact us now, so that we can assist you in creating a comfortable environment to improve the performance of your students through our industry-leading air conditioning services for schools.

2015: They came (on time), they advised (intelligently) and they supplied and fitted (expertly). A very professional firm. Value for money too. 2017: Dave visited today and did an excellent job of cleaning and servicing our air con units.They all run like new. Professional and value-for-money. Will use this firm every time.

Dr Stephen Fox

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The team at The Home Air Conditioning Advisory Centre Brisbane, designed, installed and take care of all of our air conditioning and climate control. I would recommend these guys to anyone requiring an AC specialist.

Laurence Pharoah

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We had problems with the air conditioning in our medical practice. The Air Conditioning Advisory Centre worked with us to solve the problems that also came with potentially closing the surgery for the day. Thanks guys.

Mark Korduba

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