With the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre being in the industry for over 27 years, you can trust Home Airconditioning Advisory centre to provide you with a no fuss Airconditioning installation experience. We take pride in Designing and Installing the best Climate control solutions for your home, office or commercial space.

There are predominantly two types of airconditioning systems that each have different applications:

Split Systems

Split type air conditioning systems consist of a variety of Indoor units such as Wall, Floor or Ceiling mounted units accompanied by an outdoor unit which can be fixed in a number of different positions including ground, roof, or wall mounted. The indoor units also suit Multi-Head split air conditioning systems, which consist of multiple Indoor units combined with one Outdoor unit, thus delivering a consistent appearance throughout the home or office when a multi split is combined with single split systems.

Split systems are an ideal solution to cool or heat just one room or area of your home or office. They utilise DC inverter technology, which means that they automatically regulate the power applied to the compressor to provide more precise climate control, low noise levels, elimination of temperature fluctuations all while using less energy.

Ducted Systems

A ducted air conditioning system is one that is capable of cooling your entire home in an efficient way. It works by having a central Fan coil unit that cools the air and then distributes the cooled air via a series of low profile silent ducts and grilles into the rooms of your homes or offices. The Reverse Cycle Ducted air conditioner is great as they are capable of cooling your home in summer and heating it in winter. The Ducted Systems Indoor unit is installed in the ceiling or under the floor depending on your specific home and the outdoor unit is installed outside in a suitable position. Inverter Ducted air conditioners are much more energy efficient as the inverter allows the air conditioner to maintain a consistent temperature by operating at the speed required.

Ducted air conditioners are absolutely great for most homes and offices, and provide features that cannot be matched by any other type of air conditioner. Firstly, ducted air conditioners are able to cool your whole home, creating a stable and consistent temperature. You have the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are in the home, you will be cool and comfortable. However, if energy efficiency is on your mind and you don’t want to cool rooms that aren’t being used, you can zone your ducted air conditioner. This means that you can tell it to operate only in the rooms that you want it to. For example, you can have a bedroom zone for night time, and a living zone for when you are watching TV in the day. The two Zoning systems we prefer to use is the My Air Zoning System and the I Zone zoning system. Both these systems have the ability to adjust tempers throughout each zone and as well as WIFI Capability’s while being Reliable and having great warranty’s.

How It Works

A simple explanation of how Ducted Airconditioning works is by cool or warm air quietly travelling through Insulated Flexible Duct throughout the ceiling and distributed through a selection of wall, floor or ceiling diffusers. The only visible features of the Ducted System inside of the home once the installation is complete are the diffusers, return air grill located in the ceiling and the central Zone controller.

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